At Tracer Construction we offer services that encompass the requirements for every project – big or small.

With our key staff, and our experienced contractors, we have worked on projects as diverse as residential housing, NZ Post Newtown and Lambton Quay, Wellington Regional Council, The Occidental Bar and Venue, educational institutes, ACC, Telecom and Boulcott Hospital.

Interior & Fit-outs

Tracer Construction has extensive experience working on fit-out projects and offers a professional and innovative service at a competitive price.

  • Extensive experience
  • High quality professional work
  • Innovative
  • Working within tight timeframes
  • Working to budget
  • Government compliance standards
  • Site occupation
  • Robust construction
  • Licensed building practitioners

Residential Developments

We have worked on several residential developments including the $2.8 million Gilmer Terrace Apartments, Arapaepae facility for the care of the mentally and physically disabled, the $5.1 million Cambridge Park Lifestyle Village and Whitby Lakes Retirement Village.

  • Working to tight time frames
  • Skilled and experienced team 
  • Commercial management and professional delivery
  • High quality of product
  • LBP

Institutional & Educational Work

From schools to hospitals, Tracer Construction ensures the end product is of the highest quality, is fully functional, durable and exceeds expectations.

  • Work to tight time frames
  • Work within budget
  • High quality, professional finish
  • Solutions to fit clients' requirements and needs
  • Finished product ready to function and compliant with regulations
  • Durable finish able to withstand years of hard use in demanding conditions

Commercial Construction

As our name suggests, Tracer Construction specialises in commercial projects of varying sizes and requirements.

  • Experience to manage complex contracts
  • Qualifications and knowledge to comply with all legislation
  • Accurate documentation of entire construction process
  • Quality assurance controls
  • Strict H&S systems
  • Experienced in seismic upgrades and heavy construction building alterations
  • Client in residence and public use jobs a specialty

Project Management

We excel in project management because we are a small, experienced and skilled team with years of practical knowledge of the industry. Depending on the project, we also have access to a pool of equally skilled contractors who we have worked with and have proven that they strive to deliver the same high standards the we demand of ourselves.

  • Qualified
  • Experienced
  • Efficient
  • Fair and balanced approach
  • Access to a wealth of data and skilled contractors
  • Up to date tools to suit all management projects

Quantity Surveying

With experienced Quantity Surveyors on our team, we can provide a professional and knowledgeable Quantity Surveying service to best evaluate your options and provide full schedules from plans.


Tracer Construction’s wealth of experience and knowledge makes us experts at estimates and budgeting. Our team can provide advice on labour budgets, complete job cost estimates, as well as offering the expertise to assist with all aspects of construction cost control and analysis.

Contract Management

Contract Management is crucial to the success of a project, which is why we offer a service to ensure the process is done professionally and all parties agree and comply with all aspects of contract, specification, legislation and best trade practice.